Case Report

Unusual left-sided amyand’s hernia: a case report

DOI: 10.5505/KRHD.2011.78941

  • Akın Önder
  • Ömer Lütfi Akgül
  • Abdullah Böyük
  • Metehan Gümüş
  • Murat Kapan
  • Zülfü Arıkanoğlu

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2011;21(4):191-193

Amyand’s hernia is a rare condition and defined as presence of the appendix within the hernial sac. In comparison, Amyand’s hernia is seen more rarely on the left side than the right. Amyand’s hernia diagnosis is generally made intra-operatively. A twenty-two-year old male patient with left-sided inguinal hernia diagnosis was operated. Appendix within hernial sac was seen and appendectomy was performed. The patient was discharged uneventful in the 3rd day of postoperation.

Keywords: Amyand’s hernia, inguinal hernia, appendix