Research Article

The Relation Of Pilonidal Sinus Disease And Showering Frequency

  • Hüseyin Sinan
  • İlker Sücüllü
  • Ali İlker Filiz
  • Erhan Turnadere
  • Müfit Şansal
  • Mesut Akyol
  • Sezai Demirbaş

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2010;20(4):162-165


The aim of this study was to learn the prevalence of pilonidal sinus disease among soldiers and investigate the number of showers per week as an etiologic factor.


In this prospective study, we evaluated all consecutive male recruits between March 2008 and June 2008 during their induction into the Turkish army for the presence of pilonidal sinus. The results were analyzed by the chi-square test, with a p value <0.05 considered statistically significant.


Of the 354 study subjects, 39 (11%) had pilonidal sinus disease. The subjects were grouped according to their weekly shower frequency, categorized as “Lower frequency” (≤ 3 showers per week) and “Higher frequency” (≥ 4 showers per week). We found no statistically significant difference between “Lower” or “Higher” shower frequency and pilonidal sinus disease (p = 0.155).


Frequent showering does not guarantee protection from pilonidal sinus disease.

Keywords: Pilonidal sinus, pilonidal cyst, pilonidal disease, showering, hygiene.