Case Report

Solitary caecal diverticulitis: Presentation of four cases

  • Enver Reyhan
  • Kamuran Cumhur Değer
  • Hasan Erdem
  • Süleyman Çetinküna
  • Edip Akpınar
  • Pelin Demirtürk
  • Hilmi Bozkurt
  • Mehmet Aziret
  • Ersoy Arslan
  • Oktay İrkörücü

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2014;24(2):45-49


Caecal diverticulitis is a rare and predominantly surgically treated condition because it is frequently confused with acute appendicitis. Our objective is to discuss the importance of this disease in terms of differential diagnosis and treatment of other conditions that present themselves at the lower right quadrant.

Material and Methods:

We retrospectively evaluated 2 male and 2 female patients with caecal diverticulitis that were treated at our center, where 380 appendectomies were performed between August 2012 and September 2012.


Positive sonographic finding was found in only one patient of 4 cases who were admitted for acute surgical abdomen with mean age of 25 and mean Alvarado score of 6.5. Three of them underwent appendectomy and one of them appendectomy and diverticulectomy and all of them were given seftriakson and metranidazol postoperatively.


Caecal diverticulitis very frequently mimics acute appendicitis because they are encountered at the same age group with similar clinical findings. Although laparoscopy and follow up with serial CT scans are suggested in the diagnosis and conservative treatment of patients with non-complicated caecal diverticulitis, most of them are operated on with the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Surgeries ranged from simple diverticulectomy to colectomy can be performed in those cases, it is also recommended to perform appendectomy as well. An appropriate antibiotic can also be given to all patients.

Keywords: Appandicitis, acute abdomen, Hincey