Case Report

Isolated Cecum Necrosis in Hemodialysis Patients: Report of Three Cases


  • Özhan Özcan
  • Feyzullah Ersöz
  • Mustafa Dönmez
  • Erdem Şentatar
  • Hasan Bektaş
  • Serkan Sarı
  • Soykan Arıkan

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2011;21(3):120-125

Mesenteric ischemia is seen more frequently in hemodialysis patients. Ischemic necrosis of cecum is a quite rare variant of ischemic colitis. In this study, we presented three cases who undergo hemodialysis because of chronic renal failure. In these patients, isolated cecal necrosis was detected in laparatomy performed due to acute abdomen. Two of the patients underwent cecum resection and end side ileocolostomy, one patient underwent end colostomy and ileostomy. Two patients who underwent resection and anatomosis died. Hypotensive period during hemodialysis is a risk factor for mesenteric ischemia. Ischemic cecal necrosis should also be kept in mind in differential diagnosis of hemodialysis patients presenting with right lower quadrant pain. Primary anatomosis should be avoided in patients requiring resection due to ischemic colitis, deflecting ostomies should be preferred.

Keywords: Ischemic colitis, renal dialysis, abdominal pain