Research Article

Is The Surgical Treatment Is Enough In Bride Ileus Cases?

  • Bayram Çolak
  • Murat Çakır
  • Ahmet Tekin
  • Tevfik Küçükkartallar
  • Ali Bal
  • Halil İbrahim Taşçı

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2013;23(4):192-196


Post-operative adhesions are the most common cause of small bowel obstructions. In our study, we aimed to research the patients with a diagnosis of adhesive bowel obstruction and to evaluate complications as a result of the surgical treatment.


Between 2007-2012, in our clinic; from 630 patients which followed with a diagnosis of ileus, the patients with a bride ileus were evaluated retrospectively according to the age, gender, causes of the operation, the incision line, the ileus development time after surgery, follow-up period, treatment modalities, surgical complications, laboratory results and physical examination findings.


From 630 patients which evaluated 322 patient had ileus due to bride. The patients were 58.6% male and 41.3% were women and mean age was 58.9 (18-94), respectively. 244 cases had a medical treatment, while 78 were treated surgically. 46 patients whose treated as Bridektomi admitted to the hospital and received medical treatment again. One patient had bridektomi twice. Bridektomi was done for 63 patients, colostomy was done for 14 patients and ileostomy opening was performed to 1. Small bowel perforation was occured in 27 patients, 2 had colonic perforation and ureteric injury occurred in 1 patient.


Surgical intervention was not an exact solution for patients with ileus and increases the risk of the morbidity. Surgical treatment should be applied selectively as possible and care should be taken for complications during the operation.

Keywords: Ileus, Complications, Postoperative ileus, Abdominal surgery