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Pruritus Ani


  • Sezai Leventoğlu
  • Bahadır Ege
  • B.Bülent Menteş

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2011;21(3):87-93

Itching of the anus or perianal skin is a common disorder usually arising from benign conditions, but capable of causing significant annoyance and discomfort. The prevalence of anal pruritus is difficult to estimate since almost any anorectal discomfort is often attributed to symptomatic hemorrhoids. Recommended for patients initially treated conservatively. In this, the success rate of 90% is provided. This includes avoidance of foods and beverages known or suspected to exacerbate symptoms, and instructions on proper anodermal care. In uncommon patients who have symptoms refractory to the above, two approaches have been tried: injection of methylene blue and application of a topical capsaicin.

Keywords: Pruritus ani, Treatment, Methylene Blue, Capsaicin,