Research Article

Investigation of patient dependent factors effecting complications and recurrence in pilonidal sinus disease


  • Kasım Çağlayan
  • Bülent Güngör
  • Koray Topgül
  • Cafer Polat
  • Hamza Çınar
  • Ali Naki Ulusoy

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2011;21(3):103-108


Pilonidal sinus is a disease seen more common in young age and men. Postoperative complications and recurrence of the disease both affects the quality of life of the patient and also increases the treatment costs. In this study, we aimed to evaluate retrospectively, the patient dependent risk factors that may influence the development of complications and recurrence in patiens undergoing surgery for pilonidal sinus disease


The data of patients who underwent surgery for pilonidal sinus in our hospital between February 2002 and August 2010, were reviewed retrospectively. Postoperative complication, primary or reccurent disease, and recurrence of disease in terms of age, gender and infected or clean operative field were evaluated as well


mean age of 98 patients included in the study was 25.05± 9.12 years. Male / female ratio was 6/1(85.7% male). Surgical method applied were excision + primary repair in 57.1% and Limberg flap in 42.9% of the patients. There was no difference in terms of age and gender between surgical methods (p>0.05). The rate of postoperative complication was 17.3% and the rate of recurrence was 8.2%. There was no statistically significant difference in terms of age, gender, body mass index (BMI), infected or clean operation field, primary or recurrent disease in both complications and recurrence(p>0.05).


Our study showed that pilonidal sinus disease often affects young men and the rates of postoperative complications and recurrence are very high. However, our study found there was no influence of gender, BMI, the infectious status of the operation field, the indication of surgery in the development of postoperative complications and recurrence

Keywords: Pilonidal sinus disease, complications, recurrence, surgical treatment