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Intestinal stoma

  • Erhan Zekeriya Akgün
  • Tayfun Yoldaş

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2012;22(4):133-146

Anastomosis of ileum and/or colon to the skin is called an “intestinal stoma”. Since it is an enterocutaneus anastomosis, basic principles for a successful anastomosis also apply for a stoma. By general definition; there is an indication of stoma whenever integrity of intestinum is inconvenient or unfavorable. Mostly, congenital abnormalities, obstructive or inflammatory intestinal diseases, intestinal injuries and gastrointestinal malignities constitute the indications for stomas. Stomas of different localizations (ileum – colon), types (end – loop) and aims (temporary – permanent) can easily be formed by open and laparoscopic surgical techniques. Since it is perceived as an insignificant and easy procedure, stoma formation is mostly carried out by inexperienced surgical residences with very high complication rates. For preventing and successfully treating these complications preoperative cooperation of surgeon and stomatherapist is imperative. Meticulous and delicate surgical technique, a careful preoperative preparation and sufficient education of the patient are basic principles of success.

Keywords: ileostomy, colostomy, complications, treatment