Research Article

Management of iatrogenic perforations during colonoscopy.


  • Onur Birsen
  • Murat Özban
  • Halil Erbiş
  • Ali Koçyiğit
  • Ugur Sungurtekin

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2011;21(2):57-62


Perforation of colon has become one of the most fearsome complications of routine or therapeutic colonoscopy. The treatment is immediate surgery via open or laparoscopic technique. However, rectal retroflexion injury during colonoscopy is associated with a low rate of perforation and the cases can be managed non-operatively. We report our series of colonic perforation due to elective colonoscopy and management of the cases.


Iatrogenic perforation of the colon due to colonoscopy were collected retrospectively at our unit between dates December 2005 - December 2010.


Among 5825 colonoscopies performed between the above mentioned dates, a perforation rate of 0,051% was observed and three perforations occurred.


Each treatment has to be individualized according to patients’ clinical status. Patients’ age and comorbidities, nature of the perforation, size and site of the perforation, the adequacy of the bowel preparation, the time between injury and diagnosis, concomitant colorectal pathologies are the most important factors in the management of perforation during colonoscopy.

Keywords: Colonoscopy, Polypectomy, Perforation.