Research Article

Ileostomies and Acute Renal Failure

  • Necmi Kurt
  • Fırat Tutal
  • Cemile Kurt
  • Hasan Fehmi Küçük
  • Mehmet Eser
  • Hüseyin Uzun
  • Mehmet Gökçeimam
  • Selçuk Göktaş

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2009;19(3):106-111


To examine ileostomy induced acute renal failure and serve under the light of literature.


Between January 2004 - August 2008, the records of 85 patients who had ileostomies evaluated retrospectively.


Eigthyfive ileostomy opened patients were examined. 44 (%51) of them was male, 41 (%48) of them was female. The mean age was 58,15(±13.2). Seventysix (%89.4) patients had loop ileostomy, 9 (%10.5) patients had end ileostomy. Most of the patients were diagnosed as rectal cancer. Sixtynine (%81.1) were rectal cancer, 4 (%4.7) were mechanical intestinal obstruction, 3 (%3.5) were pelvic cancer, 1 (%1.1) was lower gastro intestinal system bleeding and 1 (%1.1) was acute abdomen. Seven (%8.2) of 85 ileostomy opened patients had developed acute renal failure at the 60 (±49) days mean time. The mean creatinin value was 3.05 (±1.05), the mean BUN value was 136.1 (±65) and the mean age was 67 (±15). All patients were cured by medical therapy, none of them need dialysis.


It must be known that patients who had ileostomies can develop acid base failure, electrolyte and liquid imbalance and that would cause acute renal failure. For this reason patients who had ileostomies must be informed and follow up carefully. Ileostomy must be closed as early as possible.

Keywords: ileostomy, acute renal failure, early closing of ileostomies