Case Report

Endoscopic Treatment of Intestinal Obstruction Due to Bezoar

  • Ömer Karahan
  • Gürcan Şimşek
  • Barış Sevinç
  • İsmet Tolu
  • Nergis Aksoy
  • Recep Demirgül

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2015;25(1):43-46

Bezoars are rare causes of intestinal obstruction. Treatment of bezoars located in stomach is treated endoscopically, whereas intestinal bezoars are treated surgically. In this report endoscopic treatment intestinal bezoar, obstructing the lumen is discussed with literature.

Case: Fifty nine years old man accepted to the surgery clinic with the findings of mechanical intestinal obstruction. In past medical history he had appendectomy, truncal vagotomy and pyloroplasty. The preliminary diagnosis was adhesive small bowel obstruction. After the complaints did not resolved, an abdominal CT revealed an intraluminal obstructing lesion at the terminal ileum, 15 cm to ileocecal valve. The lesion was accepted as a bezoar. The bezoar was crumbled and replaced to cecum in two attends of colonoscopy and the obstruction was resolved.

Discussion: The choice of treatment in obstructing intestinal bezoars is surgery. However, in bezoars, which can be reached by colonoscopy, endoscopic treatment is possible.

Keywords: Bezoar, Mechanical bowel obstruction, Endoscopy