• Fatma Ayca Gultekin

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2022;32(1):0-0

New Editors on the Journal….

Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease (TJCD) entered the year 2022 with its new editor-in-chief and editorial group. It was really my great pleasure to be appointed as the successor of our founding editors Prof. Dr. Kemal Alemdaroglu, Prof. Dr. Bulent Mentes, Prof. Dr. Ugur Sungurtekin and Prof. Dr. Tahsin Colak, as the chief editor of the Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease, the scientific publication of the Turkish Colon and Rectal Surgery Association (TKRCD) and the only and most respected journal in its field in Turkey since its first publication in 1991. I would like to thank TKRCD President Prof. Dr. M. Ayhan Kuzu and the members of the 16th Term Board of Directors for appointing me to this position.

With the efforts of our previous editor-in-chief, Prof. Dr. Tahsin Çolak, and his assistant editors, our journal, which has entered remarkable scientific indexes, and which has a dense flow of articles, has demonstrated a rapid upward trend and has reached the level of accepting articles from all over the world, thanks to its publication language being English. In order to make this intensive article flow process more dynamic, as TJCD, we decided to expand the editorial board in the new period. In this sense, we increased the number of editorial boards from 4-5 in the past to 22 together with the chief editor, assistant editor and section editors (Figure 1). In the new period, the articles sent to TJCD will be gathered under 6 important titles of colorectal surgery, evaluated by specialist department editors and sent to the peers.

As a peer-reviewed Journal, TJCD recognizes its peers and their seemingly unnoticeable contributions. As soon as we took office as the editorial group, we updated our peer list and added new names from colorectal surgery to our peer committee. In this sense, I would like to thank our former peers who have supported us from the past to the present, and I would like to welcome our colleagues who have recently joined the peer board. I strongly recommend our peers to enter their refereeing activities in Publons in order to make their academic activities apparent (https://publons.com/about/reviews/). If you enter Publons as the reviewer for a study submitted to our journal, I receive an e-mail from Publons as the chief editor, and your refereeing becomes visible to other scientific journals upon my approval and evaluation.

Today, great numbers of respected magazines use social media actively in order to reach the large audiences. As TJCD, we also believe in power of social media. To that end, we have created a sub-editor group under our new editorial group that monitors the social media visibility and activities of the magazine, as well as the department editorships. We will be glad if our readers follow TJCD on social media and share their favourite articles.

(Twitter: @turkdiscolrect)

As TJCD’s new editorial group, our goal is to deliver up-to-date and of high-quality articles to our readers. We have adopted as a principle optimizing the articles submitted by our authors to TJCD with the constructive criticism of our peers and editors, because we believe that scientific publishing is information sharing. With your trust in us and your help, we can carry TJCD to even higher levels. To this end, we want you to share your valuable studies with us, read our magazine and support us by citing the articles published in our magazine!

Fatma Ayca Gultekin, M.D. Zonguldak-Turkey