• Tahsin Çolak

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2020;30(4):0-0

Dear Colleagues,

We are here with the last issue of this year. While the pandemic continues unabated in our country, we are very pleased that your interest in our journal never decreases or even continues to increase.

Unlike other issues we come out quite full with this issue:

Starting with this issue, with a new concept, we have started publishing video articles. We’ve been planning this for a long time. We are happy to make it happen. You will see the theoretical part of the video article in the magazine and you will be able to access the video by reading the barcode below. We will be publishing two video articles in this issue, but we are planning to increase the number of video articles in future issues. This section will be edited in line with your reactions.

However, since this issue, we have increased the number of articles per issue. Due to your intense interest in our journal and our “fast evaluation and fast printing” journal policy, we have planned to meet the increasing publication flow with this solution for now. We are planning to publish issue every two months in the near future.

This issue includes three very valuable reviews. We hope that you will enjoy reading Dr Rosen’s article reviewed with scientific evidence and entitled “Wrongs which are known as trues, and acceptances about diverticular disease”. In addition, you will read with interest the article about the small intestine carcinomas that develop on the basis of Crohn’s disease reviewed by Dr Feza Remzi et al. This review will make an important contribution to the very limited literature on this subject. We also present to your appreciation an important article that evaluates the approach of stoma care nurses and living with a stoma in this very current and life-changing COVID-19 pandemic. We think it will be a guide in practical approaches.

In addition, this issue includes ten valuable research articles and three case reports and a letter to the editor. I would like to draw your attention to the article that evaluates the approach to emergency situations related to colorectal cancers that develop during the pandemic, especially in terms of showing how our current practice has changed. In addition to this original research, you will also find interesting articles that you will enjoy reading.

In these periods when morale is low and personal contact is minimized, TKRCD’s efforts to keep colorectal surgery awareness active and to make scientific contribution to our colleagues who are interested in these issues are admirable. It seriously supports the practical and theoretical conditions of our colleagues with approximately four online seminars every month. We congratulate the TKRCD Board of Directors for their efforts.

In addition, as the “Editorial Board”, we congratulate your upcoming new year with our sincere wishes, and wish the new year to bring health to you and your family and that all your other expectations will come true.

Hope to meet you in the next issue in the new year….

Prof. Dr. Tahsin Çolak