• Tahsin Çolak

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2019;29(2):0-0

From the editors,

Dear colleagues,

We leave behind a busy working season, and we are delighted to be in the presence of you with a new issue of Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease.

As you know, Turkish Society of Colon and Rectal Surgery has organized a very successful congress last April. The congress was attended by the honoral surgeons of Colorectral Surgery attracted great attention by national and international fields. Besides, “Masterclass” which was collaborated by Turkish Society of Colon and Rectal Surgery and European Society of Coloproctology has drawn interest widely.

My Dear Colleauges, since May, the agreement with “plexus” ended which supporting the infrastructure of Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease. As from this issue, Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease has now started to accept the article submission and evaluation process through its new agreement with “Manuscript Manager”. Therefore, my colleagues who want to submit an article to the journal should become a member one time only again. I would like to point out that this issue should be considered with all my respect.

Two article about ‘Pilonidal Sinus disease’ was presented in this issue which was a lot of Authors from Turkey providing many contrubution to  the Medical literature about this illness. In Addition, the article presenting new local aneastetic technique for cration stoma will be worth to take attention. also, I believe that the article sharing experiences of sphincter injuries due to birth travma and cases of acute appendagitis will draw attention.

This issue also included an experimental study investigating the effect of glutamine on the experimental colitis model. In addition,    four    interesting case reports were included. I believe you will read with pleasure. I wish you all a healthy summer holiday and wish to meet you in September issue...

Tahsin Çolak, MD

Surgery Professor and Editor-in-Chief