• Tahsin Çolak

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2019;29(1):0-0

Esteemed colleagues,

When the weather changes to spring freshness, we are quite proud to be present a new issue of TJCD. This year will be a very busy year in terms of TJCD. As we all know, In April, We will organize the 17th Congress of the Turkish Colon and Rectum Surgery, which has now become an internationally prestigious congress. In the congress, very valuable and well-known scientists from many countries with international reputation, will give us a real feast of science.

Besides that, The most prominent academicians of our country who are devoted theirself for Colon and Rectum Diseases will share their experiences. So 9-13 April will be the days we will renew ourselves. Our congress will be held at the Regnum Carya Hotel this year which was preferred and admired before. I suggest you not to miss this worthwhile opportunity. On the other hand, the Maturation period of Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease has done as regenerating seriously in recent years and re-emerging on the basis of its strong history. Our strategy will be to reach as many people as possible. As of the moment, Our journal, which has regular followers from all over the world, will reach more people.

In addition to this, we are proceeding to take a place in worlwide indexes. We are going to achieve our aim being in all of the essential indexes, in a short time.

We have included articles that you will enjoy quite a bit in this issue. There is a very interesting article in which laparoscopic approach in advanced colorectal cancers is combined with conventional approach, and therefore the duration of symptons in anal fissure has an impact on the success of Botulinum Toxin treatment? You will read a current review that answers this question.

Additionally, we have included a clinical research that is received from the easternmost of Turkey.

You will read an article that examines the factors affecting the mortality of Fournier’s gangrene, where the whole world is worried and we have a strong voice in the country.

Stoma is a condition that negatively affects morale and motivation. Can motivation be strengthened with support groups in this regard? We hope you will read this review on this subject with zeal.

In addition, interesting case reports have been presented in this issue.

Hope to meet you in the next issue..

Tahsin Çolak, MD

Surgery Professor and Editor-in-Chief