• Tahsin Çolak

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2017;27(1):0-0

Esteemed colleagues,

With this new issue, we say farewell to the first year of the Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease. I would like to briefly share with you what transpired over the last year.

In 2016, we received article submissions from approximately 40 institutions. Submissions came from literally every part of Turkey, from Edirne to Kars. In addition, we shortened the evaluation time of submissions to an average of 56 days, and the publication time to 77 days. Despite this very good pace, we are continuing our efforts to make the process faster. We hope to shorten the time even more in 2017.

Moreover, there has been a considerable increase in our online views, with colleagues from North and South America to India, and even Australia, following our journal and reading our publications.

Over the past year, we were accepted to the Turkish Citation Index, Turkish Medline, the British Library, and Root Indexing. Furthermore, we are in the evaluation process for inclusion in the SCI-E, ICMJE, EMBASE, DOAJ, CAS, and ULAKBİM indexes. With your continued support, I have confidence that we will enter these indexes in 2017.

As you know, the publication of research articles was especially necessary to strengthen our journal. Within last year’s covers, we published original research articles regularly. Each issue from 2016 contained an average of four research articles. I would like to mention, however, that the focus in our country seems to be on case reports. In a growing practice, we of course encounter many interesting cases, and our desire to share these cases with our colleagues is extremely natural; however, what contribute most to the scientific literature are research articles. I want to emphasize that, as per our new policy, in 2017 we will give higher priority to research articles.

In addition to all of these developments, there is another important event in 2017 for those interested in colorectal disease: the 16th Turkish Society of Colon and Rectal Surgery Congress, 16-20 May 2017, in Antalya. At the congress, many international authors and prominent colleagues will present a visual feast that will surely enrich and update our knowledge. Moreover, I advise you not to forget to reserve your places in the pre- and post-congress courses. You can find complete information at the congress website, tkrcd2017.org.

Best regards until the next issue...

Tahsin Çolak, MD