Research Article

Comparison of Complet Mesocolic Excision with Classic Technique in Right Colon Cancer

  • Gul Bayrakçı
  • Fazıl Sağlam
  • Ali Alemdar
  • İsmayil Yılmaz
  • İsmail Demiryilmaz
  • Arda Işık
  • Hakan Guven
  • Sedat Kamalı

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2015;25(1):7-14


Despite all the developments in the current treatment of colorectal cancer, it is still continuing to be an important factor of morbidity and mortality worldwide. In this study we defined the complete mesocolic excision technique at right colon cancer. We compared complete mesocolic excision and incomplet mesocolic excision for number of harvested lymph nodes, mortality, morbidity, early and late onset complications.


Sixty two patients with cecal, ascending colon, hepatic flexure and proximal transverse colon stage 1, 2, 3 tumors were evaluated retrospectively. Age, gender, type of operation (emergent or elective), duration of hospitalization, complications, tumor localization, radius and stage of tumor, number of total and metastatic harvested lymph nodes and surgical margins were evaluated.


Twenty eight (45%) patients were female, 34 (54%) were male. Total harvested lymph nodes number in complete mesocolic excision group was higher than incomplet mesocolic excision group and this is statistically significant (p=0.0001). While mean number of total harvested lymph nodes in complete mesocolic excision group is higher than incomplet mesocolic excision group, it is not statistically significant (p=0.873). Similarly metastatic index is not statistically significant among groups (p=0.156).


Complete mesocolic excision technique is novel and popular in recent years and it has positive impact on survival and local recurrence.

Keywords: Right colon kanser, Complet mesocolic excision