Case Report

Colonic Perforation Due to Behçet’s Disease: A Rare Complication and Delayed Diagnosis

  • Şahin Kahramanca
  • Oskay Kaya
  • Cem Azılı
  • Çağlar Bilgin
  • Aysun Gökçe
  • Turgut Anuk

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2014;24(3):86-90

Behçet’s disease is an autoimmune chronic vasculitic multisystem disorder. It was first described as a triad of oral ulceration, genital ulceration and uveitis. But it may invade various systems in the body. It is prevalent along ancient “silk road” from Far East to Mediterranean. Predominance of affected systems and manifestations are different in this geographical distribution. Intestinal involvement is common in the Far East and the ileocaecal region is the most commonly affected site. Although intestinal manifestations are rare in the Turkey’s geographical area, we aim at presenting a case of colonic perforation based on bowel involvement.

Keywords: Behçet’s Disease, Colonic Perforation