Case Report

Colon Cancer Recurrence After 28 Years: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

  • Seyfi Emir
  • Selim Sözen
  • İlhan Bali
  • Sibel Özkan Gürdal
  • Onur Sakallı
  • Filiz Turan

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2015;25(1):34-37

Overall risk of recurrence in colorectal cancer was reported to be 3-50%. The locoregional recurrence rate was between 30-50% of these recurrences. It is a clinical observation to now encounter recurrences many years after a successful treatment or a primary resection of a tumor. How a tumor cell persists alive but stable and how it demonstrates its tumorigenic potential remain to be clarified. In this study, we present a case presenting with recurrent anastomotic region due to colon cancer which was treated 28 years ago.

Keywords: Colon cancer, Recurrence, Follow