Case Report

Caecal Diverticulum Perforation Mimicking an Acute Appendicitis: a Report of 2 Case


  • Deniz Necdet Tihan
  • Meltem Küçükyılmaz
  • Gülçin Hepgül
  • Olgun Öztürk
  • Sinan Binboğa
  • Hakan Güven

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2011;21(3):126-129

Caecal diverticulum is an uncommon lesion and may cause diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties due to the clinical similarity with the acute appendicitis. This entity is almost indistinguishable from acute appendicitis by physical examination, even imaging modalities are incapable. Thus the condition is diagnosed usually at surgery. Here, we reportt two cases that undervent to laparotomy pre-diagnosed an acute appendicitis, but a solitary caecal diverticulum perforation due to inflammation were peroperatively discovered.

Keywords: caecal diveticulum, diverticulitis perforation, acute abdomen; acute appendicitis; right lower quadrant pain; laparotomy.