Research Article

Appendicial Neuroma

  • Hande Köksal
  • Niyazi Akın

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2009;19(3):118-121


In this study, the aim was to evaluate the clinical, laboratory and ultrasonography features of the patients diagnosed appendicial neuroma.


The medical records of 581 patients who underwent appendectomy for suspected acute appendicitis in 2008 were evaluated retrospectively. The clinical, laboratory, radiologic features of the patients diagnosed as appendicial neuroma were reviewed.


Appendicial neuroma was diagnosed in 9 patients (1.6%). There were 5 male and 4 female patients with a median age of 23 years (range, 18-37). The most common symptom and finding were abdominal pain and tenderness, respectively. In laboratory investigation: leukocytosis in 7 patient (78%) and neutrophilia in 6 patients (67%) were noticed. Only one patient had abdominal ultrasonography and it was normal.


The irritation of neuroendocrine cells located in appendicial stroma causes proliferation in neural tissue that leads to appendicial neuroma. We evaluated these patients retrospectively and found that the clinical and laboratory findings were similiar as the patients with acute appendicitis.

Keywords: appendix vermiformis, neuroma, clinical features