Case Report

Angiographic Embolization and Excision In Patient With Giant Retrorectal Schwannoma


  • Ömer Faruk Özkan
  • Aysun Şimşek Çelik
  • Neşet Köksal
  • Aziz Sümer
  • Atilla Çelik
  • Ediz Altınlı
  • Selvinaz Özkara

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2011;21(3):136-140

Schwannomas arise from the peripheral nerve sheath and frequently seen in the head and neck region. The mediastinum and pelvic settlement is rare. Retrorectal localized schvannomas may grow quite large before the patient becomes symptomatic due to compresses. In this report we presented excision of hypervasculer, giant retrorectal localized schwannoma mimicking right adnexal mass after arterial embolization.

Keywords: Retrorectal mass, Schwannoma, angiography, embolization