Case Report

Amyand’s hernia because of two cases.


  • Ümran Muslu
  • Ömer Arda Çetinkaya

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2011;21(3):130-135

The designation “Amyand’s” in association with a hernia is used for Amyand's name to any hernia was used for a ruptured appendix found in an inguinal hernia sac based on the recognition that Claudius Amyand was the first to perform an appendectomy. Recently, inguinal hernias containing the appendix,both inflamed and not, have been called Amyand hernia. Roughly only 0.1% of inguinal hernias contain an inflamed appendix. The repair of such defects with mesh grafts is still debatable due to unresolved suspicion of contamination. Strength, flexibility, host tissue compatibility and ability to avoid infections should characterize an ideal mesh. Many synthetic and biological mesh tissues have been proposed over time but no single material, nor newer biosynthetic mesh, has fulfilled these requirements and gained universal acceptance. We present two cases in which biological meshes were used successfully in contaminated fields. Here, we aim to report two cases diagnosed with Amyand’s hernia intraoperatively at our centre. We performed appendectomy and hernia repair with polypropylene mesh graft in both cases, and there were no recurrence or infection on follow up.

Keywords: amyand, graft, appendectomy