Case Report

Acute Eosinophilic Appendicitis: An Unusual Variant of Appendix Inflammation

  • Tufan Egeli
  • Murat Okudan
  • Fatih Taskesen
  • Serkan Yasar Celik
  • Nihat Tasdemir

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2013;23(2):107-110

Acute eosinophilic appendicitis is a rare variant of appendix inflammation and there is only one study in the literature presenting eight cases. Typical histological features include intense eosinophil infiltration and edema in muscular layer of appendix without neutrophil infiltration and type I hypersensitivity is responsible for its pathogenesis. In the present case report, we present a case of acute eosinophilic appendicitis that developed on an allergic background caused by amebiasis.

Keywords: Appendicitis, Hypersensitivity, Eosinophils, Amebiasis