Case Report

Acute Appendicitis After Blunt Abdominal Trauma: A Case Report

  • Abdullah Şenlikci
  • Mehmet Akif Üstüner
  • Emrah Dadalı
  • Uğur Gökçelli
  • Ahmet Mücteba Öztürk
  • Enver İlhan
  • Eyüp Yeldan

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2014;24(3):91-94

Acute appendicitis and blunt trauma are commonly seen surgical emergencies in emergency room. Trauma is a rare cause of acute appendicitis which has been known for long time. Although acute appendicitis cases which develops as a result of blunt trauma rarely seen cases have been reported in the literature associated with it. 42-year-old male patient was admitted to the emergency room due to motorcycle accident. The abdomen was comfortable, there was no defense and rebound on physical examination. Arterial blood pressure was 120/70 mmHg, pulse was 84/dk on admission. Hemoglobin was 13 g/dL and leukocyte count was 6300/mm3. Intraabdominal free fluid and emergency pathology in solid organs wasn't observed in the abdominal ultrasounds. Abdominal pain were observed 6 hours after trauma in the patient who was followed in the emergency department. Right lower quadrant tenderness and rebound was observed on repeated physical examination. The patient whose vital signs were clinically stable was admitted for follow-up. The patient whose right lower quadrant tenderness hasn't regressed was made abdominal tomography and it was compatible with acute appendicitis. The patient underwent surgery after 24 hours of application with the results of follow-up, physical examinations and laborotary. The state of perforated appendicitis was observed in exploration. Other intraabdominal pathology wasn't observed in patient who underwent appendectomy. The patient was discharged on 6. day because there was no complication. Histopathological examination was reported as plegmoneus appendicitis. Posttraumatic acute appendicitis is rare occurance. Diagnostic criterias are the absence of complaints suggestive of acute appendicitis, complaints begin within 6-48 hours after trauma and being exposed to trauma in a short time. Therefore, although it is very rare acute appendicitis can be developed should be keep in mind in patients who admitted to emergency department because of blunt abdominal trauma especially with right lower quadrant tenderness.

Keywords: Acute appendicitis, Appendectomy, Blunt abdominal trauma