Case Report

A Rare Cause of Intestinal Obstruction: Mesodiverticular Band of Meckel's Diverticulum

  • Cem Oruç
  • Orhan Üreyen
  • Özgen Işık
  • Ayhan Köseoğlu

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2012;22(3):90-92

Meckel’s diverticulum (MD) is the most common anomaly of the gastrointestinal tract and its incidence in the population is 2%. A person with MD has a 4-6% lifetime risk of developing a complication. Intestinal obstruction is the most frequent presentation in adults. We present a case of intestinal obstruction due to MD in this report. An operation with a midline incision was performed to a 68-years-old woman who admitted emergency department with intestinal obstruction symptoms; a MD located 50 cm from the ileocecal valve that was adhered to medial right colonic mesentery by a fibrous band was detected. An ileal segment was herniated into the recess which was formed by this adhesion. As there were no complications without minimal dilatation in the herniated segment of ileum, diverticulectomy was performed. Diverticulectomy or segmentary resection should be preferred affected by the pathology in complicated MD treatment, laparoscopic surgery is safe and efficient also. As a conclusion, MD is a rare cause of acute abdomen and intestinal obstruction should be considered in differential diagnosis.

Keywords: Meckel's diverticulum, Mesodiverticular band, Intestinal obstruction