Case Report

A Case of Perianal Abscess Due to Ingented Fish Bone

  • Uğur Sungurtekin
  • Hacı Bolat
  • Sevda Yılmaz
  • A. Özgür Atalay
  • Hülya Sungurtekin

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2007;17(2):107-109

A case of perianal abscess due to ingested fish bone is presented in this study. The clinical presentation mimics common causes of acute anal pain such as perianal abscesses, fissures or thrombosed haemorrhoids. Digital rectal examination under general anaesthesia and/or proctoscopy can establish the diagnosis of anal abscess, but may miss the presence of foreign bodies like fish bone. Incision and drainage of the abscess along with removal of the FB resulted in immediate pain relief and long-term cure of the patient. Ingested foreign bodies must not be overlooked as an unusual cause of perianal abscess.