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Volume: 28 Issue: 1 (2018)
Turk J Colorectal Dis : 27 (4)
Volume: 27  Issue: 4 - 2017
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5.Safety of Health Workers During Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Procedure
Koray Topgül, Zafer Malazgirt, Tayfun Bişgin
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.50251  Pages 110 - 116 (250 accesses)

6.Investigation of the Stoma Individuals Home First Day Experience
Bircan Kara, Fatma Eti Aslan
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.78045  Pages 117 - 125 (298 accesses)

7.Limberg Flap in the Treatment of Patients Presented with Sacrococcygeal Acute Pilonidal Abscess: Long Term Results
Gökhan Demiral
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.92259  Pages 126 - 129 (196 accesses)

8.Evaluation of Postoperative Headache, Back Pain and Urinary Retention in Benign Anorectal Surgical Patients Under Spinal Anesthesia
Mehmet Buğra Bozan, Burhan Hakan Kanat, Ahmet Bozdağ, Ali Aksu, Nizamettin Kutluer, Barış Gültürk, Zeynep Özkan, Ayşe Azak Bozan, Abdullah Böyük
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.48378  Pages 130 - 133 (207 accesses)

9.The Effect of Resection Methods on Outcomes in Colorectal Cancers: Does Conversion Matter?
Umut Eren Erdoğdu, Hacı Murat Çaycı
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.65982  Pages 134 - 141 (145 accesses)

10.Closure of Fistula Tract with FiLaC™ Laser as a Sphincter-Preserving Method in Anal Fistula Treatment
Turgut Dönmez, Engin Hatipoğlu
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.06025  Pages 142 - 147 (337 accesses)

11.A Novel Method of Comparing Anti-Adhesive Agents Used to Prevent Postoperative Peritoneal Adhesions
Engin Hatipoğlu, Süleyman Demiryas, Akif Enes Arikan, Anıl Orhan, Zafer Küçükodacı, Sabri Ergüney, Tarık Akçal
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.26214  Pages 148 - 154 (180 accesses)

12.Appendiceal Hyperplastic Polyp: Case Report
Barış Tırman, İsmail Alper Tarım, Ayfer Kamalı Polat
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.59320  Pages 155 - 157 (168 accesses)

13.Traumatic Perforation of the Sigmoid Colon
Nurullah Damburacı, Barış Sevinç, Ömer Karahan
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.19870  Pages 158 - 160 (223 accesses)

14.Ingested Foreign Bodies and Their Removal via Endoscopy from Duodenum and Colon in Patient with Situs Inversus Totalis
Ahmet Bozdağ, Abdurrahman Şahin, Pınar Gündoğan Bozdağ, Özkan Alataş, Zeynep Özkan
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.74508  Pages 161 - 164 (146 accesses)

15.Anterior Sphincteroplasty Procedure Should Be Considered in the Treatment of the Rectocele Because of the Incomplete External Anal Sphincteric Rupture Accompaniment
Ali Naki Yücesoy
doi: 10.4274/tjcd.57070  Pages 165 - 166 (142 accesses)

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