Case Report

The ileocecal intussusseption as an etiology of acute abdomen in adults

  • Sevim Turanlı
  • Murat Ulvi Yüksel
  • Çağlar Kazım Özçelik
  • Yavuz Pirhan
  • Abdullah Çetin

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2009;19(2):90-93

Adult intussusception of the bowel is an uncommon condition and requires a surgical approach. Patients commonly presents with nonspecific signs and symptoms similar to a bowel obstruction. Despite the improvements in radiological imaging methods, adult intussusception remains difficult to diagnose preoperatively. Therefore, this must be kept in mind as a differential diagnosis of the other acute abdominal diseases. We report an adult patient operated on prediagnosis of acute appendicitis that was eventually diagnosed as ileocecal intussusseption; and discuss diagnosis and treatment.

Keywords: Adult intussusseption, diagnosis, treatment