Research Article

Is Defunctioning Stoma Necessary in Low Anterior Resection for Rectal Cancer?

  • İsa Sahar
  • Hüdai Genç

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2015;25(4):115-121


The aim of this study is, to find an answer of patients who need defunctioning stoma in the procedure of low anterior resection for rectal cancer, with a scientific approach.


Between the date of January 2007 to March 2010,in general surgery clinic, patients who carried out to the low anterior resection for rectal cancer, were examined retrospectively.


In five patients (%9.3) were appeared anastomosal leakage in the extension of this study. The five patients (%9.3), who had anastomosal leakage, were in the group of without defunctioning stoma. In the period of 30 day perioperative mortality was determined %3.7 (n=2). In four patients, who had anastomosal leakage clinically, the anastomoses were existed in the distance between 5 cm to 9 cm from anal verge. Although, the great part of patients with defunctioning stoma, who have preoperative chemoradiotherapy, on evaluating the cause of leakage, in 27 patients with preoperative chemoradiotherapy are determined clinical leakage in two patients, in another 27 patients without preoperative chemoradiotherapy took progress in three patients. When we look at the number of these patients, preoperative chemoradiotherapy is seen not effecting the formation of clinical anastomosal leakage.


In conclusion, in the patients, who have defunctioning stoma, are never seen clinical leakage, this procedure can be thought beneficial in appropriate facts. In our study, when the leakage facts are examined, tumour location to the anal verge is shown as a risk factor. In this case, creating a defunctioning stoma can be thought in these patients. In our study, to the contrary of literature, preoperative chemoradiotherapy is not seen effective to develope the anastomosal leakage. We think that, when the number of our patients increase, we will take the vigorous results in this important issue.

Keywords: Rectum, Cancer, Stoma