Case Report

Rectosimoid foreign body


  • Ahmet Ziya Balta
  • Ergün Yücel
  • Dursun Özgür Karakaş
  • İlker Sücüllü
  • Mehmet Levhi Akın

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2011;21(4):198-201

Presence of foreign bodies in the rectum is not an uncommon condition for general surgeons during their careers. This clinical condition generally occurs due to homosexual habits and autoerotic actions. When foreign body is diagnosed in the rectum, probability of a perforation should be evaluated first. While operative management is forefront in the patients with perforation, there are various treatment modalities from bedside non-operative procedures to laparotomy for the patients without perforation. In this case, the presentation of non-operative management of a patient with a rectal foreign body in the operating room under general anesthesia is aimed.

Keywords: Rectum, foreign body, perforation, endoscopy