Case Report

Port Site Metastasis Following Laparoscopic Resection of Jejunum Adenocarsinoma

  • Erol Aksoy
  • Murat Ulaş
  • Mustafa Taner Bostancı
  • Yılmaz Özdemir
  • Tahsin Dalgıç
  • Erdal Birol Bostancı

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2015;25(4):144-148

Small intestine adenocarsinoma is rare and port site metastasis after laparoscopy for a small intestine adenocarsinoma is an extremely rare phenomenon. We present a case of 49 year-old-female diagnosed with a small intestine mass. She subsequently underwent a laparoscopic resection.After operation,adjuvant chemotherapy was applied to her. One year following diagnosis, she developed a recurrence on her abdominal wall at the subumbilical port site. We remark possible modes of metastasis and present any published data to date on port site metastasis following laparoscopic resection of small intestine adenocarsinoma.

Keywords: Laparoscopic surgery, Port site metastasis