Case Report

Perforated jejunal diverticulitis: A case report

  • Yusuf Sevim
  • Utku Tantoğlu
  • Cihangir Akyol
  • Volkan Genç

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2012;22(4):157-159

Jejunal diverticula are rare (incidence <0,5 %) and often asymptomatic. However, jejunal diverticula can cause chronic non-specific symptoms, or rarely acute peritonitis. Jejunal diverticulitis, acute appendicitis, cholecystitis or colonic diverticulitis may present with similar symptoms, but they are generally atypical (1). Diagnosis of complicated jejunal diverticula is difficult and surgical exploration may be required. 54 years old male patient presented with 1 day left upper quadrant abdominal pain was intensified in this case report. Physical examination showed signs of acute abdomen. Abdominopelvic computed tomography showed the proximal jejenum diverticulitis. Intraoperatively multiple diverticula were found at the mesenteric edge of the proximal jejunal segment, nearly 70 centimeters length. Perforation was seen in one of the diverticulitis. The affected segment was resected and end to end anastomosis was performed. Jejunal diverticula, as a very rare cause, must be thought in differential diagnosis of acute peritonitis.

Keywords: diverticulitis, jejunum, perforation