Research Article

Our Experience with Stapled Hemoeehoidopexy

  • Ünal Sabancı
  • İbrahim Öğün
  • Gültekin Candemİr

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2007;17(3):140-144


Stapled hemorrhoidopexy(SH) has became a popular treatment for the treatment of Grade III and IV hemorrhoids after Dr. Longo’s introducing the technique in 1998. We evaluated the effectiveness and the complications of SH in this study.

Patients and methods:

175 patients who undeewent SH between the years June 1999- April 2006 were included to this study. We observed postoperative pain, hospital stay, early and late postoperative complications.


Thirteen patients (7.4%) had various complications. Bleeding (1.1%,), hematoma (2.3%), severe pain (1.1%) were observed as early compliacations. Late postoperative complications were; anal fissure (2.3%) and recurrence (1.7%). Bleeding was treated by suture, hematomas by conservative medical treatment, and fissures were treated by sphincterotomy. We operated the recurrent cases either by stapler or conventional surgical techniques.


SH is a safe and reproducible hemorrhoidopexy technique. It is an effective and preferable technique for Grade III and IV hemorrhoidal disease, since the patients have less postoperative pain, less hospital stay and early return to their normal activities.