Case Report

Foreign body in the rectum: A case report and literature review


  • Sami Akbulut
  • Fevzi Yılmaz

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2011;21(4):182-186

The placement of foreign bodies into the rectum is an uncommon medical problem. Other than for sexual stimulation, foreign bodies have been placed into the rectum during sexual assaults, prostate massage, by accident, to seek attention, or to relieve constipation. The first aim of therapy is to extract the foreign body using the simplest method possible without harming the integrity of the intestine. A case of a 45 year old man patient who presented to the emergency room for a deodorant bottle retained in the rectum, which had been placed there during sexual activity. Abdominal radiography revealed a well-delineated bottle in the rectum with no evidence of bowel perforation. The deodorant bottle was removed with obstetric forceps with the patient in the lithotomy position. Foreign bodies in the rectum are a rare clinical entity. The most frequently encountered cause is erotic activity. Many techniques are available for the extraction of rectal foreign bodies. If possible, patients should be treated with minimally invasive techniques. When these techniques are not available or cannot extract the foreign body, surgery is required.

Keywords: Foreign body, sexual activity, obstetric forceps, rectum