• Tahsin Çolak

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2017;27(2):0-0

Esteemed colleagues,

This issue of the Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease features three original research articles, one technical note, two letters to the editor, and three case reports. We are pleased to see that the quality of our publication is steadily increasing.

In this issue, there is an excellent study investigating the predictive value of platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio in metastatic colon cancer, as well as a study presenting new parameters in the treatment of Fournier gangrene, which is common in our country and can sometimes be challenging to manage. The other original research article evaluates two minimally invasive techniques frequently used in daily practice to treat hemorrhoidal disease. I believe you will read them with great interest.

This issue also includes a technical note presenting a unique point of view concerning the surgical therapy for fecal incontinence. I highly recommend you read it. In addition, there are three interesting case reports which are particularly relevant for Turkey. Furthermore, we feature a letter to the editor recommending a new classification system for pilonidal sinus disease, which is very common in our country and has been published about rather extensively by Turkish surgeons. Finally, we include a very current letter to the editor encouraging more widespread use of social media in colorectal surgery in parallel to the general public’s increasing use of social media.

As is evident by the content of the journal, in addition to the increase in the quality of our publications, we have also increased the variety of articles in our journal.

The Turkish Colon and Rectal Surgery Congress, the most important event held by the Turkish Society of Colon and Rectal Surgery, took place last month with the support of our valuable nurses and was very well attended. Although it was a national congress, many experts from abroad also participated. The European Society of Coloproctology also contributed. The studies presented at the congress have been printed as a supplementary issue of the Turkish Journal of Colorectal Disease, and we will be honored to publish these worthy studies when they are prepared as articles.

I wish you a lovely summer and look forward to receiving more of your diverse and valuable articles for our September issue.

Best wishes until September...

Tahsin Çolak, MD