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Current Therapeutical Approach For Haemorrhoıdeal Disease

  • Mustafa Ali Korkut
  • Cemil Çalışkan
  • Mustafa Gökhan Ünsal

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2009;19(2):52-63

Haemorroideal disease is a well known problem of the perianal region for approximately 4000 years. Critical changes in the treatment of haemorroideal disease has occured during last century. Today, it is still an important economical problem that cause loss of manpower, money and time for treatment. Although, new techniques as band ligation, infrared photocoagulation, sclerotherapy, cryotherapy, electrocoagulation,and laser therapy are becoming more popular in the last few decade, classical haemorroidectomy is still the fundamental option for the cure of haemorroideal disease. Basic principles of the treatment are, reducing the blood flow of the haemorroideal sinusoides, excising the remnant haemorroideal tissue in invasive procedures and preventing the prolaps by fixation of the anoderm to the underlying tissues. In this article the published literature about the subject was reviewed. The proposed new therapies and classic approach was compared. Advantages and disadvantages of both conventional and alternative methods were evaluated.

Keywords: haemorrhoid, haemorroidectomy