Research Article

Cecal Volvulus: Report of Two Cases

  • Mustafa Hasbahçeci
  • Fatih Başak
  • Ali Kılıç
  • Şahap Tümerdem
  • Tolga Canbak
  • Orhan Alimoğlu

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2012;22(1):21-24


Cecal volvulus as an uncommon cause of acute intestinal obstruction is axial twist of the cecum and terminal ileum around their mesentery. In addition to its rarity, lack of familiarity causes diagnostic doubt and consequently delays in treatment.

Case Reports:

In this paper, we describe two ceval volvulus cases with their clinical properties. Adhesions caused by previous laparotomies and untreated hypothyroidism were accepted as the most probable causes of the first and second cases, respectively. Right hemicolectomy and anastomosis was applied to both uneventfully.


Prompt recognition and urgent treatment of cecal volvulus may avoid gangrenous changes of the bowel. Abdominal radiographs should be used primarily for early diagnosis. Depending on clinical findings, computed tomography or colonoscopy can be considered for definitive diagnosis. Resection and anastomosis is the proposed choice of the operation depending on the general condition of the patient.

Keywords: Volvulus, cecum, surgery