Case Report

A Study on Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery in T.R.N.C

  • Mustafa Kalfaoğlu
  • Hasan Hansel
  • Cemal Cevheroğlu
  • Özlem Gürkut
  • Fuat Ciner
  • Özdemir Berova
  • Mehmet Müderriszade
  • Nihat Yavuz

Turk J Colorectal Dis 2013;23(3):157-161


The purpose of this study is to look into Laparoscopic colorectal surgery as having many advantages for both the patient and the surgeon compared to open surgery and to demonstrate the fact that such operations have been undertaken successfully in TRNC.


As of April 2007, laparoscopic colorectal surgery has been applied to 37 patients at the private Yaşam Hospital. All these patients were assessed according to age, sex, diagnosis, tumor location, type of operation, length of stay at hospital, pathological results and early and late complications.


Of thirty seven patients treated, twenty two were male and fifteen were female. Median age was 61.5 in an age range of 31-87. Average length of stay at the hospital was six days. None of the patients had anastomotic leakage. No mortality was recorded. Complications were observed in only four of these patients. In two patients early post operative complications of arterial bleeding on the anastomosis line as well as pancreatic fistula, and in the other two patients late complications of coloanal anastomotic stricture as well as perineum hernia were observed. The bleeding was stoped via clip replacement through colonoscopy and pancreatic fistule was drained percutaneously. Since the patient with anastomotic stricture developed a perforation during dilation the patient was treated by opening a stoma. No treatment was applied to the perineum hernia.


Our retrospective study on 37 patients regarding factors as, duration of surgery, stay at hospital, the complication rate, patient satisfaction, enough surgical resection and lymph node dissection conforms to the literature when compared to open surgery.

Keywords: Laparoskopi, Kolorektal cerrahi, Kolon rezeksiyonu